Spiritual and Religious The gospel in an age of paganism

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I've written so many Tom Wright reviews (aka NT Wright) that I hardly know what to say anymore. I like his style, his straight-to-the point analysis of scripture and his very British anecdotes which seem off topic at first but then catch me off guard and show me something very surprising and relevant. What makes this book stand out from the first

Well, first of all, it is shorter than many of his books and also more accessible than some of the longer, more academic texts. (I think it took me a year to get through one of the last books I started by him. I would start, get confused, set it aside for something easier and then go back and start all over. It was worth it because explores tough topics and his analysis of scripture compels me to study it in new ways. And yet . . .)

So there's that. This book had short focused chapters which included analysis of scripture but were at the same time very application based. For those of us who believe Jesus is real, he is God, and the Kingdom of Heaven was established on the cross, there's always the question of, so now what How do we live out the Lord's prayer, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven And that's a big deal, I think. What's that look like What did Jesus say about the Kingdom How do we engage now and not just wait until we die What does the Good News look like for the world (It had better be good news and not just condemnation.)

Each chapter closed with questions to be explored with a group. I wish I had been able to do that, and I hope to go through the book again with a group and wrestle through some of these questions.

The book was designed to be done as a Lenten study, before and after Easter, but honestly, I didn't see that it mattered.

I'm sorry to see this book end, but there are more books to read.

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