Soldier 'I' - The story of an SAS Hero- From Mirbat to the Iranian Embassy Siege and beyond

Review :

If you're looking for the story of a real hero, then look no further!

Soldier I is the true account of one man's awesome career in the UK's elite fighting force - The Special Air Service - and an insight into the challenges he faced when he left the Regiment behind.

The SAS came to the attention of the nation as the fearsome black-clad figures who stormed the Iranian Embassy in 1980 and successfully rescued over 20 hostages. Soldier I was there, at the heart of the action, and in his book recounts the drama from build-up to completion.

But several years before this Soldier I was involved in the most astounding battle I have heard of; the Battle of Mirbat. 9 SAS soldiers faced seemingly impossible odds when they were attacked by hundreds of Communist insurgents during a secret war in Oman. For this awe-inspiring account alone the book is worth every penny.

I read Soldier I in a matter of days - the sign of a truly gripping read. Thrilling, frightening, humorous, heartrending, inspiring...

Incidentally I was fortunate to meet Mr Winner (aka Soldier I - earlier this year when he gave a passionate and absorbing guest lecture at the National Army Museum. It was a real pleasure to meet him and he was kind enough to talk to everyone and sign copies of his book. If you ever get a chance to attend one of his presentations I'd highly recommend it.

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