(Sofia Khan 2) Malik, Ayisha - The Other Half of Happiness

Review :

I was absolutely delighted when I got the opportunity to review THE OTHER HALF OF HAPPINESS by Ayisha Malik, even though it was my first encounter with the beloved character of Sofia Khan. Although I had not read the first book in this series, it did not remotely take away from this beautifully emotional and entertaining story as the author effortlessly filled in any gaps I may have had. But when you find an author as good as Ayisha Malik, I would recommend buying all of her books!!

Sofia Khan is married to Conall, her Irish next-door neighbour who converted so they could be together, and she loves him beyond measure. But married life is not exactly turning out as she planned. Firstly Sofia finds herself back in London alone, dealing with the fallout of her elopement with her overbearing, over-involved family, while her husband is across the world working on his own personal crusade with the very attractive Hamida. And then she finds herself writing a book on marriage for her new editor, while she begins to realise that she doesn't really know her husband that well. Add in an impromptu wedding organised by her mother, an unexpected engagement, and many hilarious escapades with her friends, and Sofia's life is like a rollercoaster. But when Conall returns he tells her something that will change her life forever. Finally, Sofia begins to understand why Conall travels the world in search of peace and absolution, but while she can understand his reasons, it changes who she thought he was, and at the same time her life is changing as she starts to build something purely for herself without Conall - can there be any way back for both of them

I laughed, I cried, and I learned about another culture in this wonderful story of love, family, friendship, and facing your past. All of the characters in this book are compelling in their own ways, and I felt completely immersed in all of their emotions and needs as the story developed. Well-paced and interesting throughout, I read this book in one sitting and I really didn't want it to end (fingers crossed this will not be the last we see of Sofia Khan). THE OTHER HALF OF HAPPINESS by Ayisha Malik is more than a romantic comedy, it is a relatable tale about the heart and soul of what makes us love, laugh, and cry, our mistakes, our dreams, and our faults. THE OTHER HALF OF HAPPINESS is just one of those special books that make your whole body hum, and I cannot recommend it highly enough!!!

*I voluntarily reviewed this book from the Publisher

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