shyness and love

Review :

I find this book being a high-quality guide for almost anyone (not just the shy and/or anxious people, to whom is the book addressed) fighting the uncertain field of dating and relationships.
This book is both gentle and honest (and not honest=rude, but refreshingly open without being judgmental). And I admire how masterfully the authoress uses her verbal skills - because almost everything can be said in more the one ways, and she wins in using the language of motivation and a change of perspective towards the positive goals.
This book is not just about dating (although it offers a multitude of useful tips and techniques), it goes even the longer way in showing her readers of how to build their personalities (for example to recognize what are their values in life and how to build their goals based on them) and the healthy self-esteem. The book also offers a lot of techniques on how to battle the shyness and anxiety with recognizing and incorporating them, but not buying into them - and more. The style is friendly, the book is well-structured and the content of the chapters is practically chosen to cover a lot of sensitive areas in the relationshop department and beyond.

The authoress is obviously well-educated professional with a lot of practice under her belt and it shows.

Though I am not currently looking into the relationships, the book offered me a lot of food for thought in building my personality.

This book really goes a long way. Recommended.

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