Shorefall - Robert Jackson Bennett

Review :

when there is a lot going on in the world thats easy to complain about, i find it important to remain positive and be grateful for the small things. like the fact that i was given an ARC of this and it fully met all of my very high expectations.

this series is something else. ive said it before, but this is the PERFECT fantasy series for those who dont like fantasy or are wanting to get more into the genre. its a very subtle magical system - it plays a great part in the story, but it doesnt demand attention. it feels natural and is integrated very well into the setting and plot.

(i also want to make a note that i didnt reread 'foundryside' before starting this and i was a little nervous because so much world-building and plot happened in the first book. and while i did forget some things, there is enough recap subtly scattered - not an awkward info dump - throughout the first few chapters to catch the reader up to speed. and i am so appreciative of that!)

and i love how this builds so perfectly upon the events of the previous novel. this is by no means a filler sequel. every word, every page, every letter has a purpose and so masterfully creates an engaging plot. the pacing is nonstop, the action is exciting, and the characters are every bit of interesting as i remember them being. i am so beyond pleased with this.

this is set to be released on april 21, so that is plenty of time to pick up the first book and get yourself ready for this wild ride of a sequel.

PS. a massive and personal thanks to kathleen at random house for sending me this ARC. you are an absolute star.

4.5 stars

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