Shadow Man - Grayson Duet 1 - Catherine Wiltcher

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Caution:- This review isn't going to be much of a review but a fangirling gig on my part because there's no way I can stop gushing about it until next year.

Before I start, I have a confession to make. When I took on this ARC, my intentions weren't pure towards Joseph. I was craving to have one on one time with Dante. 'Tis the truth that I needed my Dante hit.

Ohmigosh! I freaking loved this book!!!

Joseph Grayson, a.k.a., Shadow was first introduced in Hearts of Darkness (Santiago Trilogy, Book 1).{ For those who haven't read the series, you don't know what you're missing out!}

Joseph is the right hand man and brother-in-arms of Dante Santiago, ex-military, ex-cartel boss, wanted fugitive of law, sexy as fuck and....okay! Back to Joseph..Right!

Finally, we get to peek inside the enigma that is Joseph Grayson. His character had always been a favorite of mine. His past is most heartbreaking. I had expected some tears but I was throat-blocked in some of the scenes. The story of how he became the man he is today, is truly beautiful. A perfect alpha, Joseph is going to be locked in my BBF boxes for a long time now.

Anna Williams, also introduced previously, was taken by the Russian Bratva as a collateral against Santiago. She was abused in the most gruesome ways, as a result, she is now only the shell of the lovely girl she used to be. Her story broke my heart.
When she is overwhelmed by her past, she makes an impulsive decision to leave everything behind and run. She never imagined the shit she'll be landing into. It's even muckier than her previous predicament. Caught between a cartel war, she unintentionally, sets off a Domino effect of catastrophic events.

The story is probably much darker than the author previous works, so please heed to the trigger warnings.

I can name only a handful of writers whose writing is so strong, it grips from the beginning till the end. Catherine is one of them. This book was everything I expected it to be and more! It delivered everything it promised.
The writing style was impeccable, the plot gritty and raw and the characters perfect. What more can I ask for Well.a little bit of Dante.
Desperately waiting for the next book!

*ARC provided generously by the author.*

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