Senna Versus Prost The Story of the Most Deadly Rivalry in Formula One

Review :

Ayrton Senna.. Driver, Legend, Hero to Million's
Alain Prost... Driver, Legend, Unfairly dismissed by too many..

Cold, Calculating and driving by percentage.. The common narrative has it the Prost was a dick dastardly type out politicking and tricking the purer more innocent Senna. Not particularly accurate but a good story all the same and one backed up by many a lionising Senna book/ article/ blog. The truth is as a kid Ayrton was my hero, but as a adult I can see he was as flawed as Prost so it was a nice surprise to see this book was a well balanced account of their rivalry, and a fascinating one too. More objectively fair than any that I had read before.. On this ground I would recommend Senna Versus Prost greatly.. Like the two greats who's career it covers it is a real winner

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