Self-Esteem A Proven Program of Cognitive Techniques for Assessing Improvinth Edition

Review :

This book has a lot to offer in building self esteem. I especially liked the chapter on helping children build their self esteem. I will include some thoughts from his book. "Every action your children make is an attempt to meet their needs. This is true whether or not the behavior is successful at meeting their needs. This is true whether or not the behavior is acceptable. A child who picks fights with siblings, shows off in an obnoxious way, baby-talks, or acts regressive needs something. It might be more attention or less pressure or more challenge."

"Sometime you can simply ask your children if they have any suggestions about how a problem could be solved.
You might be surprised at the creativity of their solutions. By just making your children part of the process, you will change their perspective about the problem and make them more interested in resolving it."
"Another way to involve a child in the problem-solving process is through a family "brainstorming" meeting."

The book I read is Dr. McKay's first edition. Copyright date is 1987. There were 356 pages in this book. I am assuming that it contains volume 1 and volume 2.

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