Sea Witch

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5 Stars!

She knew that with power, the bravery to act would come.

I'm just going to say I hoped and prayed this was going to be good. Ever since I read To Kill a Kingdom I was hook line and sinker for any form of a re-telling of The Little Mermaid. I say that but this is the first one I've read since then. Anyway I'm going to be frank, this is a real slow burn, but I loved that. It really builds up to what is coming. You get the back story of a specific day in the past and it goes backwards and forwards in time.

As previously mentioned, the build up for me was glorious, it had me second guessing everything, trying to dissect certain things, now I'm not saying that I didn't see some things coming, because I did however in the last few chapters it was just blindside after blindside it was incredible. I kept think surely this isn't happening, but that's what was so good about it.


So we have Evie and Nik to start with. They are two best friends, one is a high born Prince and the other is a fisherman's daughter who isn't seen as worthy to be friends with a Prince. I really really enjoyed the friendship between the two of them all though at times you could see it become a little strained. It was really interesting to see Evie learn certain things and she always tries to do things to help the people she cares for. Evie has a tough time with the place she lives and this is where Nik comes in. His protectiveness for Evie made me love him even more! I just couldn't cope with it. I'm sorry to gush, but I can't help it.

Then we have Iker and Annemette I honestly couldn't figure either one out. I was questioning them both throughout for different reasons. That being said I did enjoy their characters because it brought more to the story especially seeing things from the characters POVs.

What I liked
- Tante Hansa, I wish we'd seen more of her, but what I did see I was all for
- The magic system was interesting, especially later on what things came together
- Witches and Mermaids
- The back stories, I lived
- The loyalty they have for each other!
- All of the little nods towards The Little Mermaid
- Literally loved the Epilogue, it was so interesting

Overall I really really enjoyed this book, I actually think it's a miracle because normally when I'm super hyped for a book it falls flat, but luckily for me I enjoyed it! I know not everyone can be a fan, but if you can deal with slow (but building) pacing for an epic ending, I'd suggest this.

So your girl didn't get an Arc...

Like holy fuck those last few chapters, I can't even cope.

HOPEFULLY full rtc, cause I've been reading to try and finish because I needed to know everything!
Never wanted Netgalley to approve an ARC so much :))
Probably won't because I have a million other books, but I'm requesting it.

May the odds be ever in my favour!

Sea Witch - 5 Stars
Sea Witch Rising - 3 Stars

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