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Let's face it, learning is hard. Considering all of the distractions available in today's modern society the fact that we learn anything is astonishing. I don't know about the rest of the world, but in the United States people generally attend school for 12 years. School is usually treated as an institution, with educators teaching from books, lectures, and activities. The important thing is to be able to regurgitate information. Creativity is discouraged in this context. There is one way to do things and if you don't get it you fall behind the rest of your class.

Learning doesn't have to stop when you leave school. Ideally, you want to be learning for your entire life. The problem is that once people leave school, they never feel like cracking open a book again. They have been dissuaded from learning ever again. This is unfortunate, but that is the reality for many people. Peter Hollins wrote The Science of Self-Learning to help those people who want to learn on their own.

The book is written in a large font and is rather slim. It contains techniques to build your confidence, and techniques used for taking notes, and so on. There is also a section to teach you how to read faster. There are ways to tell how much you know about a subject, and where there are gaps in your knowledge. The confidence part is easy to understand. We can use me as an example; I have been trying to learn things that require higher-level mathematics for a while now, and haven't gotten anywhere. It is enough to get frustrated and stop trying altogether. However, I feel that I can learn whatever I want to learn. There is nothing that can persuade me otherwise. It could very easily have gone the other way. Take my recent reading of Classical Mechanics. I could have seen the del operator and threw up my hands in frustration, closing that book forever. I didn't though, I just take it as something that I need to work on. Vector Calculus here I come.

The book summarizes all of the information on the final few pages. It repeats the techniques and methods in an easy to follow manner. I enjoyed it.

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