Sawyer Bennett - Arizona Vengeance 7 - Wylde

Review :

Okay, I have to be honest here, because it really doesn't help to write a review if you aren't honest, right

When I started this book I really didn't like Clarke. As a matter of fact, I strongly disliked her. Which was a huge surprise because I've never so actively disliked any of this author's female leads. And I've read probably 90% of her books. So, if you are reading this before you read Wylde don't be discouraged. Keep reading, and note that this book got a 5 star review.

So, I really liked Wylde when I met him in Tacker. He was funny but you knew he cared about his friend. From the beginning you can tell he has a good heart. Which is shown in a number of different ways in this book. As I said, I didn't care for Clarke in the beginning, but as I got to know her I started to understand her and I started to like her.

Another great book by a fantastic author!!!

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