Samantha Young - On Dublin Street 1.5 - Until Fountain Bridge

Review :

After finishing On Dublin Street and loving it, I really wanted to know more about Adam and Ellie's romance. Well, the author satisfied my wishes by telling their touching story in a unique way, and I ABSOLUTELY loved it!

All who read On Dublin Street know a little of Ellie and Adam, Braden's little sister and his best friend respectively. You knew they had feelings for each other, but something was holding them back for much of the book. I loved when they finally got together, but I longed to know the details! Well, I got my wish when the author (after many requests, apparently) decided to write a novella detailing their romance. Samantha Young told their story brilliantly with flashbacks, and we feel the characters angst and longing intensely, as if it were happening now. We feel the sexual tension they fought against as well:

"It's up to me to protect you."
I closed my eyes, his words hurting me. "I'm not yours to protect."
....The silence was broken when him arm loosened its hold around my waist. I was just turning my head to look at him questioningly when I felt the touch of his fingers against my upper back. Slowly, tortuously he skimmed them down my spine and I flushed feeling my nipples harden visibly against the fabric covering my chest. "You sure about that," he murmured hoarsely in my ear.

This was a delicious treat, and a tender tale of unrequited love that turns into so much, much more. Amazing!! *sigh*

I was reminded of how much I loved Samantha Young's writing while reading this. She really knows how to capture your heart and give it a great big squeeze! I can't wait for Down London Road which comes out May7th, very soon!

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