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Gulliver's Travels is about a man that traveled to strange and interesting places. The book itself is short but is an interesting read. It's perfect for a book project (but it cut out some parts from the original book which may or may not be important later on). Gulliver went to different lands and saw many interesting things (tiny people who fight over eggs, intelligent horses and ,etc) and then he document these experiences in the book. The style of the book is more akin of a graphic novel and it doesn't have text boxes like normal graphic novels.

The book also describe how these made up societies work and function and it also plays out like a journal describing Gulliver's travels. The book is a satire that makes fun of english politicians in the early 1700s. Gulliver traveled to 5 different places in the book, each stranger and more interesting from the last. One of the strange discoveries is the Lilliputians which are as big as a insect and are in a war involving eggs. Another is a island of intelligent horses called "Houyhnhnms" and hairy man-beasts called "Yahoos". What i like about the book is that it's nicely stylized and well laid out. Overall i think this is a good read since it's nice and short for a quick read.

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