Rules of Bennett by Ember Michaels

Review :

So I completely just devoured this one. It is raw and twisty and oh so sinful. Bennett is just completely twisted. Like what in the heck are you thinking twisted! Getting into his mind just messes with mine even more. I adore Aurora's spunk though. She is going to bite back and give Bennett a run for his money.
I really love the concept of this story because you hear of this in passing that mobs do, but not really seen it come to fruition that much. But for Michaels debut, this is gonna be one heck of a ride! I am excited to see what will come next in these books. Bennett is gonna knock your socks off if you love a seriously messed up mind! And is it just me and I know it doesn't really work because he isn't British, but I totally see Tom Ellis aka Lucifer as Bennett. The quirk and the smirk and so much more! I was so reading Bennett's dialogue in his voice!

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