Robin Palmer - Once Upon a Kiss

Review :

Closer to a 4.5, but this is so good, guys.

Zoe has a freak accident and is transported from her time in the 1980s to the present day. It quickly becomes a classic strange time travel tale as the nerdy, geeky Zoe of 1986 is actually a really popular mean girl type in 2016. Zoe quickly has to navigate a world with technology with friends she didn't have before and friends she's lost, and squaring her prior activities with her current day realities.

It's kind of a fun and different take on the whole Freaky Friday-style story. Lots of good modern twists, a strong message about introspection and prioritizing, and an ending I really honestly truly didn't see coming, and one that really impressed me on a whole. I went in with some pretty solid expectations and came out wishing it wasn't over, which is about all you can ask for, right

Absolutely give this one a look. One of the more fun reads of recent times for me.

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