Robert T. Kiyosaki] Rich Dad's Conspiracy of The

Review :

I like Robert Kiyosaki's message in general, and I think he did a good job with this book in explaining how the economy works and why it is important to increase your financial education. He explains how people who understand how things work (e.g. taxes, investments, businesses) have an unfair advantage. It's true. What I most appreciate about his teachings is the distinction between an asset (something that puts money in your pocket) and liabilities (that which takes money out of your pocket). It's pretty simple, really, but a lot of people don't know what to do. He gives you lots of ideas, but you certainly shouldn't take his word for it; you should educate yourself further before you invest or start a business, etc.

I also like how he explains the use of debt and why the government wants you to borrow money. Unfortunately, most people borrow money to buy "doodads", things that just take money out of your pocket (e.g. boats, jewelry, electronics) and not assets (like investing in a money-making opportunity).

Even though he may be criticized for the simplicity of his language and his writing, I think it works to get his message across without any unnecessary academic language.

And finally, it is true that your banker doesn't care about your grades from school (your academic or professional education), but s/he does want to know your financial grade - your financial statement.

This book will not TELL YOU WHAT TO DO; it just explains how things work and will help you get the bigger picture. If you want a HOW-TO book, you will need to look elsewhere. Kiyosaki is a big fan of educating yourself. Don't look to him to tell you what to do or how to do it, specifically.

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