Rin Chupeco - The Bone Witch

Review :

So I see from a mere glance at the reviews this book has been receiving thus far that people are very torn about this book. And I'll be honest. For the 1st 20-30%, there was progress, but it was a bit sluggish. However, it never rose to a point where I felt bored. And always, ALWAYS, something kept me glued to The Bone Witch no matter what.

Yes, there are minute details describing the outfits worn herein. And perhaps things might have developed with a dash more action These types of ... well, quibbles, really--they truly caused me to struggle with how I would end up rating this book. Is this a 4 A 4.5/5

But then, something beautiful happened around 60% into the story. And then by 70%, it had me firmly in its grip. Then, once I reached the 75% mark, WOW! The story just TOOK OFF!!!!! So awesome. It was TERRIFIC! Fresh concepts, interesting world ... sure, there are some tiny, nit-picky complaints I could add. But why It was everything it promised to be. I feel like it's Christmas for having had the pleasure of reading this eARC!

So the lyrical, wondrous writing, where the author ultimately took this story, and last but most definitely not least, that GORGEOUS COVER ... even if I were to go with a 4.75/5, this one DESERVES to be rounded up. (Most often, in reviews only, I round down; an oddity, given my affection for math.)

So who would enjoy this book I bet if you liked the Cinder series, you'd love this book. However, it is most certainly high fantasy. And Cinder et al. is not. Hmmm. Those who will like the Red Queen series likely would love The Bone Witch as well. But in fact, I'm having a tough time finding books with which to compare this one.

And one last time, about this COVER. I think it is the most beautiful one I've seen this year, if not longer. Breathtaking.

I HIGHLY recommend this book. If you love high fantasy, I cannot imagine you'll not love The Bone Witch. Rin Chupeco swept me away, especially in how the book ended. I cannot WAIT for the sequel!

Sincere thanks to Sourcebook Fire Publishers, and the author, for the eARC of this book.

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