Ridley Pearson - The Initiation

Review :

As a middle grade reader, I loved Sherlock Holmes stories but often tired of the old time settings. It was just the type of reader I was; I loved mysteries and puzzles but tended more towards modern stories. The Initiation provides all the elements I loved about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's works and places them in the current era. Not completely, I must admit. There are some flowery passages that I would have skipped over in this book but the tale and its clues and characters would have grabbed me. As an adult reader, I was entertained and hooked, unable to set the book aside for long. Ridley Pearson tells a great tale regardless of what audience he contemplates. The characters here are 7th and 9th graders. They still cry when separated from their parents. They have trouble making friends. There is a parental death but with so much warning that it is anticipated. This is a good book for fans of Sherlock Holmes and mysteries.

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