Rich Habits - The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals

Review :

Rich habits is enrichingThomas Corley challenges us to embrace good habits in order to improve our lives. The rich habits preached by Corley include the following:
- Assessing our strengths and weakness and striving to minimize our bad habits and maximizing our strengths and good habits

- Focusing our time and efforts on what matters the most in our lives (work, family, people)

- Engaging in continuously education and improvement

- Defining daily to-do lists, keeping track of them (morning, afternoon, night)

- Setting long- and short-term goals and keeping track of our progress toward achieving those goals

- Caring for people, building relationships, helping others, networking,

- Getting rid of bad habits, including binge eating, watching too much TV, gambling, procrastinating, living beyond our means

- Mastering our emotions

- Saving money and investing

- Exercising, taking care of our health

- Etc.

Those habits are very challenging to follow, but without any doubt, they bring tremendous benefits.

I recommend this book to anybody who is engaged in self-improvement.

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