Rest Is the New Sport Identify Your Fatigue, Improve Your Recovery, Decrease Your Biological Cost

Review :

When Jef Geys was a competitive cyclist, he believed that the more you train the better you are, until he faced exhaustion so complete he was forced to rest. After an extended time without training, he entered a competition and won a race. His belief changed to the question, How little should I train to be in top shape and a new quest-to understand how to achieve maximal health, not for professional athletes but anyone undergoing the stress of modern life.
In REST IS THE NEW SPORT (PrimeFit Nov), Geys looks at stress and its relationship to fatigue, identifying types-mental, hormonal, physical, metabolic--and ways to prevent it, recover and create balance. Because reducing stress is not as important as expanding the capacity to adapt and recover, "silver bullets," like diet, exercise, meditation that only treat symptoms are less effective than identifying the underlying problem.
This book enables individuals to assess their physical condition and goals. It details the physical processes in fatigue and how they affect the body's major systems. Every chapter shows basic principles, such as Geys' Daily Nutrition program for everyone, then what is needed for individuals by type of fatigue and stress level. In the process, questions such as how people can relax when mentally fatigued and when exercise may be detrimental, are answered.
REST IS THE NEW SPORT, a very thorough book, enables the reader to evaluate their condition, consider the underlying reasons and solutions to preventing fatigue and, ultimately, target their optimal health. Holistic is an often misunderstood term, yet in this clear and factual book, Jef Geys gives real substance to the idea of balancing, mind, body and spirit.
Jef Geys, sports physiotherapist, osteopath, and former cyclist, starts with the premise that the body must first be in balance and good condition before effort. A native of Flanders, Belgium, he has successfully treated Olympic athletes, among others concerned with maximal health. REST IS THE NEW SPORT is a European bestseller (Belgium-Holland). This publication is the first English-language edition available in the U.S. and U.K.

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