Renegade Beauty Reveal and Revive Your Natural Radiance--Beauty Secrets, Solutions, and Preparations

Review :

This was a book that I easily could have plowed through because I just wanted to keep learning, but I had to pace myself and take notes - to really absorb all of this amazing info. I have been a huge fan of Nadine Artemis for years and we've used her products for a long time, but to read a book written by her was such a magical experience. She writes so poetically and her passion literally radiates off of the pages. After reading the first couple of chapters, I decided I had to order my mom her own copy because it was that good! This is a book that I will forever keep and refer back to...and loan out to friends.
Nadine's love for natural health and body care AND nature itself speaks to my very core. Much of the information she provides in these pages are supported by science and/or looking back in history at how our health as a people has severely declined. While my family and I already do/use a lot of which she discusses in here, Chapter Nine on breast health really blew me away and has me reevaluating all that we've been told by doctors. The chapters are loaded with knowledge and explained so perfectly. This is not strictly about beauty, it really takes a look at the body as a whole and how to better treat your skin (and insides) with utmost a temple. I truly believe everyone should read this - what a gift! And speaking of gifts, THANK YOU, Jen for sending me my copy!!

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