reinvent your career

Review :

If you want
- BIG revelations
- BIG changes
- BIG insightful career changing thoughts
then read this book

Some advice:

1. Get a some pen and paper. You'll need it. I used my phone, Google Docs, Google Keep, Notice and also some other tools. I did this mainly because I worked on this book while commuting and on plane travels. Ended up filling about 45 pages in the end.

2. Do the work! At some point you will be faced with some tough exercises. Do them! Even if their result might not be what you truly want to do in life, they will teach you to think a certain way. You need that.

3. Keep an open mind. At some point I was advised to do the first canvas regarding the services brought to my daily job. I kind of kept there for the next 3 or 4 section and then realised that the indication was solely for the respective canvas. Don't be like me. Keep an open mind and apply yourself and your dreams to these methods. It will be worth it.

4. Buy it, don't rent it. You'll want to redo it at some point and it's good to have your own copy for reference.

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