Red Alert--An NYPD Red Mystery - James Patterson

Review :

Detectives Kylie MacDonald and Zach Jordan were members of the elite NYPD Red task force and were in protection mode for the city's mayor at the charity event when the bomb went off, killing one of the millionaires as he was about to give a powerpoint presentation. Hussling the mayor out of danger, they then went into full cop mode - until they were called across town to the death of a filmmaker.

NYPD Red's lives were about to get much more complicated as they chased down killers in two separate cases. What Kylie and Zach uncovered in their investigations would lead to multiple players, with underground drug cartels, corruption in the highest levels of society and danger to anyone who came close. But would they expose the killers

NYPD Red 5 (5th in the series) by James Patterson is another gritty thriller that kept me guessing as I raced through the pages. With the author's usual short chapters (which I love) the novel was an easy read which I thoroughly enjoyed. Highly recommended.

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