Reckless Memories - Catherine Cowles

Review :

"You're allowed to want more from your life than what others think you should have."

The pain and mystery in Reckless Memories draw you in with the promise of healing and second chances. You get it all in the small town romance - love, heartache, family, and suspense.

"I hated his pain, wanted to reach out and pull him to me, but I couldn't. Because as much as I didn't want him to hurt, I couldn't let him close enough to cause me more pain."

Bell's character is my favorite! I am usually drawn to the male lead in a story but I was definitely more excited with Bell's story. She is such a strong and stubborn character, but she's also not afraid to show her emotions and speak the truth. It's hard to find that in a book and I love her!

"Ford Hardy terrified me. He was the tallest cliff I could jump off of, the greatest rush and worst potential for injury."

Ford underwent the biggest change in this book. It was gradual and so heartwarming to witness the further along you got in the book. He's a solid hero and the perfect match for Bell.

"Wave after wave crashed into the shore. I could feel each hit. Each collision a reminder of the hurt I'd inflicted on those I loved because I couldn't deal with the past."

Catherine's books are always a hit. I'm obsessed with small town romance and know that I will fall in love whenever I pick up one of her books. I am excited about the rest of the series and who else will find their happily ever after!

"Maybe you've just been missing the things that give life heart. It's not always the big, glamorous accomplishments. Sometimes, it's the everyday things that have meaning."

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