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Where have I been I've seen this book a few times here and there. It was published in 2010, but I just never dove in for some reason. I wish I had!

I loved this book. I stayed up late and read it on my phone Kindle app every chance I got in the car while hubby drove until I was done. Even though it's usually not the type I like, because the guy turns out to be a 'jerk'. Well...not really. :) I usually am all about the true love. But it's was a conundrum. I felt for this book like I felt for Reckless Magic by Rachel Higginson. I LOVED that series. LOVED!!! It's still in my top 5 series ever to be read by me, but the 'guy' situation was different. The guy you thought you wanted her to be with, winds up being the guy you kinda hate, and then you fall for another guy and then some other stuff happens.

I know I'm not making sense, but it's totally on purpose!! :) I don't want to spoil anything, but I'll tell you this; these two authors know how to pull those guys to finagle it and make your heart move in one direction and then the other. It's not a love triangle, which I dislike immensely.

The story flowed. It wasn't too wordy or drawn out. I never felt like I was lost or struggling to keep up with the plot. It was a semi-light read. There were some moments in the book that made me cringe or tear up, but for the most part, it's a lighter read, which was what I was looking for.

So in conclusion, I've started book 2 already and am VERY intrigued by where things are going. I hope Maddox doesn't break my heart, but I'm ready to find out where this is going.

5 edge-of-my-seat, kissy, torn but hanging on, stars from me!!

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