Raising Elijah-Protecting Our Children in an Age of Environmental Crisis

Review :

I HIGHLY recommend biologist Sandra Steingraber's book. Parents should not have to be regulatory agencies, she boldly proposes. Instead, industry ought not be allowed to manufacture and sell poison disguised as children's toys, plastic water bottles, couches, lumber, stuff to make plants grow.... What a concept. She writes about how we are storing chemicals in our (especially our children's) bodies and in our atmosphere that will be our undoing. The book includes a chapter on fracking. Steingraber has been in the forefront of the anti-fracking movement in NY and donated her $100,000 Heinz award to the movement. The title comes from Elijah Lovejoy, who risked all to abolish slavery and was murdered at age 35 for his efforts. Sandra named her son Elijah in his honor. And so the title is both a treatise on raising her and all children in this age of environmental crisis and a call for systemwide changes. As Steingraber says in the introduction, this is NOT a book about shopping differently. It's about changing everything. Just as we had to get rid of an economic system based on the enslavement of humans, we have to end our enslavement to fossil fuels and all the poisons created with them.

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