Raising Blaze A Mother and Son's Long, Strange Journey into Autism

Review :

Beautifully written book.. I read it in 24 hours. Having worked in classrooms with children who have no diagnosis, my heart ached. I would like to see this as required reading for mainstream teachers, but I'm afraid they would blow it off as the writings of an over-protective parent; so many of them don't get it and too many don't want to. Ginsberg admits her own eccentric background almost as an excuse. But aren't we all eccentric in our own way I was happy to read so much about her family and how they were able to work together as adults to help raise Blaze. I was saddened when Ginsberg spoke of her family as if there was something wrong with the way they lived. I don't think she meant it to come through that way, but it did for me. Her family seem to be compassionate, caring, loving, and successful people. Debra Ginsberg has an incredible talent for mothering and for writing and I highly recommend this book.

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