Quantum Doctor, The A Quantum Physicist Explains the Healing Power of Integral Medicine

Review :

Maybe my emotions regarding this book are a bit naive, but perhaps it struck me as the-best-thing-ever because I have been slowly building up to it; that is to say that I have been unintentionally preparing my mind for the complete dissolution of the tangible world by reading books steeped in mysticism and an inward-focused philosophy. Then along comes this book, making - if you'll excuse the expression - a quantum leap from a manner of thinking to a more promising worldview backed by ongoing "discoveries" of science that are leading us through a funnel of tightening certainty before spitting us right back out into the big ol' void. Goswami did a fine job pulling all of his collected knowledge in and deftly interlacing it to form a fairly confident net - enough to catch the reader as he falls through that void. Ok! That does it! Clearly I can't talk about this book except in metaphor - I give up!

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