Psychology Facts

Review :

Psychology made simple!
Reading it was more like a journey into the depth of our existence as humans to explore the mysteries of the human psyche, it helps you understand yourself as well as others around you in a very unique way. In some chapters the book teaches you more about the greatest psychologists of all time, who shaped our understanding of ourselves, the book presents these scientists with a very simplified brief of their work and their contributions to the world of psychology in a scientific, yet understandable language.
In other chapters the book sheds light on some fundamental experiments and theories that led to some major discoveries and findings which helped create a deeper comprehension of psychology, physiology, sociology, anthropology and biology.
The rest of the chapters address some issues in psychology which would make it easier for you to understand what's psychologically wrong with you, and with others around you, issues such as dreams, personality, stress, various types of disorders and so on. The book also explains some psychological concepts regarding the way we view life, others, and our own.
Such a great book, i recommend it to those who are keen to widen their circle of knowledge.

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