Prayers for a Heart-Shaped Life Inspiring Prayers for Living Life Heart First

Review :

With its whimsical hardcover "Prayers For a Heart-Shaped Life" by author Karen Moore will catch your attention. Hot pink heart hot air balloons and flowers along with blue balloons and puffy clouds just make this cover happy. The small but mighty book is brimming full with 200 prayers that are "inspiring for living life heart first." I was won over by the cover. Then I started reading......oh my! I was so hooked. It is 224 pages and I wanted more.

Author Moore has written a book to bring other closer to God. It is a God glorifying book meant to strengthen or even establish a relationship with our loving Father. The 200 prayers are set up as daily devotions. Each page has a title, scripture, and prayer. The prayer cuts to the chase. On the day "Doing the Right Thing" the scripture is James 4:17 (Remember it is sin to know what to do and then not do it.) and the prayer begins "Dear Lord, I have sinned against You...". Wow, total honesty. Our God already know that anyway, but He just wants us to admit it to Him and ourselves. All of the prayers are like this, meant to draw us closer to God.

This beautifully inspiring book opens with a note to readers from author Moore. She starts it with "Dear Friends" and through her heartfelt writing becomes one. She seems to know with what readers are struggling. Topics are relevant and meaningful. The prayers are encouraging and lead to waiting more time with our Heavenly Father. It concludes with a prayer from Martin Luther and then has a scripture index.

Moore's prayers will lead you into a special time with the Heavenly father and gently remind you to come to Him when you need an extra dose of encouragement. The prayers are titled so you can find a particular prayer to fit a particular need if you desire. I love the simpleness of the prayers as well as the encouragement and inspiration they contain.

There is a silky green ribbon attached to mark your place. The prayers are not complicated or overthought, but they are sincere and moving. The issues are real. Some days I read prayers over and over again. I read them to help me or to a friend that needed encouragement. The intent of this prayer book is to lead us to God each day and live our lives with our hearts. We should give our hearts to God and watch where He takes us. Talk about inspiring and encouraging. This is it! I loved it. It is definitely a 5 star recommendation from me. I will be giving some for Christmas as well as keeping one for myself.

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