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Excellent read! What I most valued from the teachings of this book are the methods used to 'send a mental message' to another without ever saying a word aloud; to literally send your sentiments into their soul to effectuate a feeling or motive to action. Now, I see how some people may attempt to use these methods for evil design, but one should do so with extreme caution- though not heavily covered in this book, the inverted use of mental influence upon another for selfish reasons will have spiritually destructive consequences. Any time one person attempts to usurp the free agency of another, that evil will eventually come home to roost. (for example using these methods to increase sales in the spirit of dishonesty or greed.)
The methods of practical mental influence are best used, in my opinion, to create peace and love where there was once contention or division. Or for self-protection and preservation of agency. For example, I was recently undergoing a slew of insults from an in-law during a family gathering. For years, the petty insults at my expense have found an easy target with me b/c in the past I allowed it to fluster me and rob me of my personal peace. So I chose to test the power of the methods taught in this book. I knew any vocalized response to this family member would only escalate the contention, so instead, I chose to take a few breaths and say in my mind (directed to the soul of this family member with such intense vibration that I knew he could not deny feeling its influence):
"You will no longer insult me. I will no longer be affected by your crude comments. I love you, and I only wish for there to be peace. You will now cease from directing your ill intentions upon me, for any further attempt to humiliate me will only result in the snaring of your own trap and getting caught up in your own vices."
I sent this message into his soul with a peaceful, soft smile upon my face, looking deep into his eyes and thus effectuating intensity of impression upon his spirit. And within seconds, he appeared to be confounded; after a moment of insult, he appeared to turn to inward thought- then he blinked in silence for a moment and turned his attention to something else. The rest of the evening, his normal onslaught of insults (normally directed at me) were directed generally to the open crowd. Thus his design to obtain attention at my expense had failed him and his off-colored jokes were less attention getting without a subject to inflict them upon.
It had worked! I used mental influence to protect myself from further public scrutiny by a mean-spirited individual; 1. by showing love, 2. by projecting my feeling towards the offender, with near immediate results. The methods in this book really work! But be warned, use them only for good!

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