Please Explain The Rise, Fall and Rise Again of Pauline Hanson

Review :

Anna Broinowski's book on Pauline Hanson does what it promises - explains the rise, fall, and rise again of this controversial, divisive, and damaging politician convincingly. Using the access she received to Hanson in order to make a documentary about her, Broinowski explains how it was that Hanson came to represent an increasing segment of the Australian population who feel (rightly) as if the major parties have left them behind. Trump's success in the US in many ways parallels that of Hanson - and Hanson's rise again suggests that this is a phenomenon the major parties should be watching closely.
Broinowski outlines John Howard and especially Tony Abbott's hand in the creation of One Nation, and leaves me in no doubt of the enormous shift to the right that Hanson's policies have effected on the 'centre'.
Despite the well-researched nature of the book, and its sympathetic treatment of the many - Indigenous Australians, Asian Australians, Muslim Australians and others - marginalised by and indeed subject to abuse as a result of Hanson's rhetoric, Broinowski still manages to portray Hanson and her followers in a sympathetic light at times, helping the reader to understand the phenomenon in a deeper, less knee-jerk way. I can imagine both fans and foes of Hanson getting something out of this book.

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