Periodic Fasting Repair your DNA- Grow Younger- and Learn to Appreciate your Food

Review :

Knowing why and how periodic and intermittent fasting works, this is your book.

This book is heavy in actual studies with a few anecdotes. If you like solid research to back up your health and weight choices, this is perfect. If you prefer a lot of rah rah hype, look elsewhere. I like finding out why simply lowering calories fails and what to do instead. AUTOPHAGY is explained and the anti- cancer aspects of fasting are compelling. Conquering jet lag with fasting interests me because traveling from California eastward, especially to Europe is a challenge for me. My first day there is lost in recovery. I also like the idea that this way of eating can rejuvenate, heal and add years of life.

As I said earlier, this book is heavy on research. If you like that, you will love it. I appreciate that this information is backed by science instead of fluff.

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