performing under pressure

Review :

Another great book in the same vein as Mindset, Thinking Fast... Thinking Slow, and others on how your brain works and how you can optimize how you think and how you act.

The author goes through many tips on how to work better under pressure. Things like taking a deep breath, thinking of past achievements, and focus. After the many tips, the author talks about the 4 key personality traits of being able to deal with pressure situations that are basically core to you: confidence, enthusiasm, tenacity, and optimism.

You do come with a personality, but like everything, you can change your personality over time... for better or worse. The author gives detailed information on these personality traits and how they affect how you deal with stress and pressure in your life. Tips are provided to help you figure out where you sit on a scale and how you can change.

I recommend this book to everyone. It's also a book I plan to dip into occasionally.

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