Paula Brackston - The Witch's Daughter

Review :

I just had the most lovely weekend lost in time. I participated in the Page Promise Read-A-Thon and I decided to have a Paula Brackston weekend. The first book I read is The Witch's Daughter. This book introduces Elizabeth Hawksmith, a young girl who lives with her family in the year 1628. When a plague hits the village, her family is destroyed. However, the plague is not the worst to come through the village. A witchfinder comes to town and her mother pays the ultimate sacrifice for her. In order to escape, she flees to Gideon who is a warlock. Not knowing the evil that is inside him, she becomes a student of the Craft. The powers would slow down her aging process. Three hundred and eighty-four years later, she has settled in a quiet town, when she meets a young girl named Tegan who shows interest and promise in the Craft. However, just because Tegan shows interest doesn't mean she knows the danger that follows.

This book will transport readers to key moments throughout time. I loved the mix of historical fiction and fantasy. When she mentioned the Victorian era and White Chapel, I almost lost my mind. I knew exactly what event would take placethe Jack the Ripper murders. Also, I will never listen to Greensleeves the same way again! It is just the little details that made this book as a whole so special. The characters are also superb! Elizabeth shows strength and wisdom and a passion for healing and shows how beautiful Witchcraft is. I did not like that Gideon was a Satan worshipper, I feel that it does a disservice to who practice Wicca or Witchcraft. It is a common misconception that promotes stigma and stereotype. But I do understand that the author had to make him evil. Tegan is a complex character. I love her development. Since she is a teenager when she meets Elizabeth, she often goes through the want of acceptance and wants to find love, even though she does that blindly. Elizabeth and Tegan's relationship make the book worthwhile and is extremely heartwarming.

The pace I found flowed smoothly even with the time period changes. The author excels at giving the novel a magical aesthetic and I often felt transported. Overall, I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars. I would definitely recommend this book to those who love fantasy and historical fiction.

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