Pat Metheny The ECM Years, 1975-1984

Review :

A book of this nature has been long overdue. It's hard to believe that such an important innovator/composer of contemporary jazz has not had at least one book written about him until now. Mervyn Cooke has assembled a brilliant look at the music of Pat Metheny during the ECM years and does a great job in breaking down each of the albums during this period.

One of the highlights of the book is that there are numerous musical examples written out in musical notation. Especially of note, is the analysis of both the live and studio versions of "Are You Going With Me", both written so that you can compare bar by bar what Metheny played over each chord change amazing!

Even though Pat Metheny is one of my main influences on guitar (Allan Holdsworth being the other), I was still able to learn a great deal by the information contained within.

And although the book is Metheny-centric, I was happy to see that there was coverage of ECM records themselves, as they have proven over the years to be just as innovative as Metheny's music.

Perhaps it's time for Mr. Cooke to consider another volume covering the material from 1985 to present!

This is an absolute must read for fans of Pat Metheny!

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