Parenting a child with a behavior problem a practical and empathetic guide (1999, Lowell House)

Review :

Excellent book!
I read it because I had dyslexia and emotional stress as a child. Now that I am an adult, no children - I wanted to see what people advise parents about positive reinforcement and encouraging instead of corporal punishment and guilt.
Really made me feel good to read it, and instead of passing the torch of discipline and responding to stress, life issues - I learned some new techniques that really I can also apply in my own life and still use for myself. I recommend it to all parents of any child because we all have emotions. Also easy to read as I of course still have dyslexia that was not addressed when I was a child. Better to address problems, than hoping they will work themselves out - does not work that way and causes poor grades and more shame. Organized well and easy to understand, apply in your own home.

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