Paradox - Catherine Coulter

Review :

I love the FBI agent husband/wife team of Savich and Sherlock, who team up together to catch the bad guys and solve awesome mysteries. I got hooked on Catherine Coulter last year through a NetGalley release which had a super twisty ending and have been working my way through her backlist, and was excited to see a new book coming out!

In PARADOX, Savich and Sherlock are awakened in the night by a threat. As they try to figure out who could be a danger to their son, a different mystery pops up in rural Maryland (there's always multiple angles going on in this series, which makes things extra exciting.) Without spoilers, I really enjoyed all the discoveries and twists and turns in this one.

Trigger Warnings: (view spoiler)[ violence, murder, attempted kidnapping (hide spoiler)]

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