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I have struggled with back issues for 10 years now. First with bulging disc then 2 years ago a fracture. I have lived the past two years with constant back pain. I have never had good posture so that has not helped. You know, tall, skinny girl in school trying not to tower over everyone. As an adult, my friends turned out to be on the shorter side too. My husband is one inch taller than me and then add in high heel shoes to wear and yep, I'm tallest again - the horror! Now that I'm approaching 50 I'm tired of the pain and really don't care if I'm the tallest anymore (took a while to get to this point ha!) Enter the Pain-Free Posture Handbook that landed in my email to review. Great timing! This book will provide you with the knowledge and motivation to make a difference in not only your physical habits but your mind-set as well. Now I'm more aware of and correct my posture throughout the day. Developing good posture reduces pain and helps you become more balanced and active. "We have become a society that sits way too much. We sit at desks, in cars, and on couches, staring at screens from sunup to sundown. The human body is meant to move. We've become a society with a lot of pain, primarily in our backs & necks. Lower back pain is the single leading cause of disability nationwide." "The solution to this problem is developing good, natural posture. You'll learn the proper way to sit, stand, walk, and carry. This handbook provides exercises to practice throughout the day. No fancy equipment needed. Very easy to understand and follow. There are links to a website and YouTube channel to watch their exercise videos, however they were not up at the time I was writing this review. The handbook explains the exercises clearly and with diagrams. Overall a very good handbook that I will use often. It has already helped with my standing and sitting postures. Very clear, explained well, and knowledgeable information. Side Note: As I'm writing this review I'm standing up! "I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review."

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