Overcoming anxiety a self-help

Review :

This book has been amazing for me. I recommend it to anyone out there with anxiety issues. It is presented so simply, so straightforward. It first of all discusses the philosophies or beliefs that you have that generate the fears and worries that lead to your different kinds of anxiety. It covers a lot of different manifestations of anxiety too. It's all based on cognitive behavioural techniques so basically it gives you the tools to recognize your patterns, understand them, find the trigger and work on making your habits healthier so that you don't end up in the worst case scenario. It also helps you to develop some coping techniques for when things are already worst case scenario so that you can move forward and begin to deal with it all. I read this slowly over the past year and a half, I've only implemented some of the things it recommends but I am genuinely so excited to try the other things and getting into better habits. It helped me so much already so I'm optimistic for keeping going! It was really hard to read at the start because it was so difficult for me to confront what I was facing which seemed impossible, terrifying and mysterious. I noticed that when I picked it up to finish it this morning, I was really looking forward to reading it and getting some of its wisdom into me!

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