ordinary miracles

Review :

Ok, i will start the review by noting that I have never been to Africa, and while I was a history major and an am an avid global news reader, i don't have any particular specialized knowledge of Africa. That is, of course, why I checked out the book, and of course, it doesn't make me particularly qualified to criticize or fact-check things he says in the book. I did check the book out from the library with an air of skepticism that an author could cover such a vast and diverse continent in one book. With those caveats, I think he did a pretty magnificent job. He doesn't purport to cover every piece of modern African history, or even try to touch on every country in this huge continent. He does however, provide a stunning amount of modern African history, mixed in with stories of his personal experiences as a journalist in Africa for several decades. I consider myself fairly well-informed about world events, but I learned a massive amount of modern African history, and the book made me think a lot about aid agencies, global power relations and economics, etc. It was well worth it if you are all interested in feeling more knowledgeable about Africa, and though it's a hefty book, it's super readable and I got through it in a surprisingly short amount of time.

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