On Being Human

Review :

Stunning, perfect, messy, and all-around wonderful.

I wasn't familiar with Pastiloff's work before reading the book. I'm sort of horrified by that (WHAT OTHER WONDERFUL THINGS AM I MISSING!) but it gave me the chance to read this with an open, empty mind.

Now that I'm finished, I want to buy copies of On Being Human and scatter them around like seeds.

It's a memoir, it's self-help, it's help-yourself, it's sad, it's funny, it's inspiring. It's also about the power of yoga, and though I haven't done a downward dog in fifteen years this made me want to locate my lost sticky purple mat and strike a warrior pose.

On Being Human is Pastiloff's story but it's my story too. It's a story about stories, especially the ones we tell ourselves that are, in Pastiloff's words, "bullshit."

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