On Becoming a Person A Therapist's View of Psychotherapy

Review :

Bluntly; although what was written often seemed foolish, impractical and fantastical I found Roger's style of writing cohesive and difficult to stop following. I know little of psychology and its various approaches and perspectives but I intuitively felt that Roger was at the time the book was written, revolutionary, bringing forward into the light a new way of regarding clients of psychotherapy. Mind you; the book did seem to drag on. Repetition. Repetition. On, further and on further still. What was said often seemed to be mere common sense and yet, I found my views regarding my own feelings, my own fears and my own mistakes to be changing. I feel that for a short after reading this book my own, my way of viewing the world, my perceptions of what is and was were somehow changed in such a way that to me seemed progressive and positive. It was an imperfect eye opener, that despite all of its flaws, I would recommend to anyone.

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