Norman Rockwell - A Sixty Year Retrospective

Review :

To be fair, this is a picture book with maybe 90 minutes worth of written biography. But it's Norman Rockwell's life and work; it's never disappointing.

I would suppose it's hard to care about this artist without first experiencing his art, and for that reason this book (4/1 pictures to words) is a good primer.

This history is abbreviated but the display of Rockwell paintings are not. I grew up looking at these famous paintings all my life, and they are less a memory and more a part of me. They are nostalgia incarnate. And the best part is that they are as warm and comforting as they are timeless yet relevant.

As art is both personal and subjective I won't badger you into loving Norman Rockwell, but I would plead with you to see it for yourself...

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