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I like this book. The chapters are short, the points are concise. As a foreigner, my childhood experience is somewhat different from the book. I would say this book is more catered towards middle class white children. However, as globalization becomes more of a reality, my friends in China are actually learning to raise their children the same way. While I think that we shouldn't lose what our culture has to offer, learning about "mainstream" culture shouldn't be rejected either. The overarching difference in Western culture is focus on independence. Of course like all things, there should be a balance. I haven't yet decided where that balance is for me, and the clock is ticking.

I hate to admit, I did sneak peak at others' reviews, just curious why other people give such low ratings to this book. The main criticism can be summarized as the book is too common sense, and for parents who are sensible enough to care about their children, they probably are already doing these things. I beg to differ. Research has shown that we are actually bad at "common sense," and we think we are good at it because we are biased by hindsight. I admire the author for putting every bit of sensible parenting tips together as a useful reminder for parents who care.

Lastly, on an emotional level. This book is a good reminder that parenting is the greatest joy in this world. Cherish every moment of it and don't ever treat it as a chore, because when your children grow up, you will miss it, but never have it again.

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