No B.S. Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing

Review :

Making money from social media marketing is the key objective the authors emphasise in this book, instead of rushing about trying to get "likes" and "shares" that might sound nice and impressive but it does not necessarily put money in the bank. Getting a direct response, something that delivers an action and hopefully a monetary boost to the business through social media activity is key.

It was an interesting read that is hardly controversial; yet perhaps it is as far too many social media experts still overly focus on the visibility and shareability of a company's presence on social media. It can be important and desirable, but it should not be the most important goal. Many do fail to see past the seductive number of clicks and shares.

The book felt quite giving and open, encouraging the reader to plough through the advice on offer which, it must be said, is a lot more than what the title may imply you are getting. It provides a good, considered look at the whole social media marketing sector although it will not be a "how-to guide" to making a profile with the customary stream of advice about timetabling your content and so forth. What the book can do is help focus your existing presence and make it more powerful, actionable and beneficial. You just need to take a leap of faith. It is better to have a few thousand engaged social media followers who will be buying your products or services, than ten times as many people who just like your funny cartoons but never will contribute to your bottom line.

This is not a hard read, but it is not an easy read. That is not a contradiction. The text flows with ease, the ideas can be transported into your mind without any significant obstruction; it is just that you may be reconfiguring elements of your company strategy and rewiring your thought processes as you go and when you start to see an entirely new way forward it can be a very consuming affair.

Considering the book's low price and the message it is advocating, it can be a very good investment for those who can admit that they may need a nudge into the right direction.

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