Never Too Late From Wannabe to Wife at 62

Review :

I must be honest and say that I enjoyed each and every page of Never Too Late by B. Lynn Goodwin, but I have some regrets after reading the book. My regret lies only in the fact I didn't read it sooner. For that I shall blame the stars for not aligning sooner, because clearly I could not have read a book that was not written about a tale that had not yet been experienced.

Let me explain...

My father passed away when I was young. My mother started dating back in the day when a personal ad was printed in a local newspaper. At my young age, there were many things I did not understand about life and even more things I had yet to discover about dating and love. My mother was a very young widow (not even 50 years old) and I was appalled that she was even entertaining the idea of dating. In my naivety I thought having one great love would be enough to last her a lifetime. Then, there were these men who in hindsight were just wonderful people, but they were so different from my father that I couldn't understand the attraction. I wasn't very thoughtful, supportive, or even kind when it came to the matters of my mother's heart.

Fast forward to the present time...

Reading Never Too Late by B. Lynn Goodwin had me laughing and crying with her well established characters, but it also had my present self very disappointed in my previous self. Who was I to label my mother as too old for love Was she having similar struggles to the engaging characters I was reading about If only I had been privy a few more life lessons back then, would my relationship with my mother have been better I enjoyed this book and it gave me an opportunity for quite a bit of self reflection. The official book summary states the following:

Whether you've been single forever, are trapped in an unhappy marriage,

or you're simply curious, you'll find secrets to a happy marriage in Never Too Late.

I would also say it's a great read for anyone who can be a support person for someone in an unhappy marriage or someone alone who may or may not be looking for love. The writing is fabulous and the author draws you right into the story. The characters are well established and you feel close to them.

Another great take away is we don't have to be the same to be kind to one another. Whether we are from different social classes, have differing religious beliefs, etc... we can still come together as friends or lovers without agreeing on everything. This seems much easier to do as we age, but it's a great lesson for any age.

Never Too Late is a fast read and I loved every page!

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