Natalie Bennett - Old Money Roulette 3 - Ace of Spades

Review :

Oh my dayz. This was an awesome read, a great ending. Wow I applaud the author on this amazing read.

This is book three and the conclusion of this series. Make sure you read the previous books or your gonna be completely lost. Anyway it's so good your gonna want to read them all. I read this in one sitting , as I have done with the previous books. There's just no way I could put it down.

Any questions we had are answered very well in this book. Loose ends are dealt with and we end up with a superb trilogy.

I seriously wish it wasn't the end but I'm happy with the ending. Mateo and Elena are fantastic characters. The sexy scenes with them are off the charts hot.

Can't wait to see what else this author has up her sleeve:)

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