Myth = Mithya Decoding Hindu Mythology

Review :

There are not enough words to describe the book's effect on me after I had finished reading it.

Mr. Pattanaik does not only tell stories and give analysis, but also makes one introspect and internalize what is being said.

He makes the mythology sound not just deep, but interesting and enjoyable. Being a mythology enthusiast from the time I had baby tooth, I always tried to find good books and information that could expand my knowledge. But most materials I read were either had to complex literature or were very haphazard. Devdutt Pattanaik, through this book, by not only give it a very structured look but also helps in deciphering (in his own way)the contents of ancient wisdom through mythology.

I would suggest everyone, Indian or not, to read this as it gives a sneak at the questions of life that we ask (or need to ask) ourselves.

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