Missed Translations - Sopan Deb

Review :

I read "Missed Translations" in the week leading up to Christmas-the first one I've spent without family, which has me thinking about my family relationships and how they affect the holidays.

It was a poignant time to read Sopan's treatise on his own family, one fractured by trauma that left its four corners well out of touch with one another. His story of reestablishing family relationships is deeply moving, funny, and not in the least straightforward. It is complex and incomplete, but that is what makes it truly human. I have not lived the immigrant experience, but Sopan's writing evokes empathy and creates a window into what immigrant families must surmount to survive in this country.

The book left me feeling thankful for my own dysfunctional family, and hopeful for those with painful family relationships, particularly during this holiday season. It is, as he says, never too late.

Note: I received this book through a Goodreads giveaway.

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